The French Shibu of Suiō-ryū is affiliated directly to Katsuse Sensei, 15th Sōke of the Suiō-ryū tradition.
Joan Cresp, direct student of Sōke, is responsible for the Shibu, training in France and acts as sole representative of Sōke in France. All members of the Shibu are students of Katsuse Sōke.

The French Shibu has a dojo in Toulouse.

If you are interested in the practice of Suiō-ryū in France or elsewhere, contact us at : . You can also contact Joan Cresp directly.

The Suiō-ryū Hekian group, based in Toulouse, was founded by Katsuse Sensei on 12 October 2015 in Fujieda, Japan. Katsuse Sensei has established Suiō-ryu Hekian as the french branch of the Suiō-ryū tradition, on 18 June 2016 in Numazu, Japan.